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Certain parts of the site are being removed, whereas others
are going to have more content added.

Sugestions can be sent in.

Keep a watch for what is coming.

NOTE: DLR could be coming back :)

Tuesday : 2014


As you have noticed, we haven't had any updates to our downloads for a while. We have been let down by a few people, but since things have been planned, we will be redoing the whole site soon.

New layout, new things, some old thing removed.

Ideas? Contact us via email for our radio show!
NEWS JUST IN: A new episode of Downloads Radio will be online soon.

Tuesday : 2011/02/08

Site News

We have had a delay in uploading the PSP and other game saves. This is because some of the people who were meant to send us saves, haven't. We need saves.

We are also thinking about uploading a one-off radio show in time for Christams. I know we said we'd not be doing any more, but we've had a few people ask. So, expect something soon. And yes, it will have the same theme music!

So until then, keep calling back, and thanks for listening :)

Saturday : 2009/11/21

Site Update & News

So it has been a long time since the news or update information was put up. Things have been going on behind the pages so to speak.

Over the rest of this year, we are changing a few of the things we have, but support for CS 1.6/Steam will remain. Fonts will be added to, and pages changed to fit the outlook we want.

Our last Downloads Radio is still online, and of the three show you can listen to via winamp (only one via the browser page) we will be removing all but the last show to make room for new shows/blogs.

We are still here, and you help make us, thank you.

Monday : 2009/07/13


Adding to our links around the world, we now have downloads
on the DEVIANT ART web site. Digital Art of all types can be found
from people all over the world. Have a vist:

In the New Year, all our pages are getting a make over, along with
a new linking page listing all our friends and associates.

See us on myspace or via downloads radio to get yourself added.

Happy 2009

Sunday : 2008/12/28


Were you at youtube LIVE ? or tokyo LIVE?
If not you missed out, but never fear.

Next year will be bigger, but highlights can be seen via the above links. And we have direct links with:


We are changing the site for good soon. That's right, Downloads is coming crashing down, and being rebuilt. Not in the way we thought when we had our new look earlier this year for a month. But the site as a whole is changing.

Also, Downloads Radio (the last eppisode) will be coming off the site as well. So you don't have long to catch it.

Ideas for what to see on the site?
Then contact us through the email given in the show.
We will be adding a new form soon when the make-over
has taken place.

Myspace pages will also be linked....

Wednesday : 2008/11/26


One of our team is making videos, and has a youtube channel.

From things which go boom, to time-lapse and stop-motion.
If you have five minutes, enjoy. Comments can be left.


Sunday : 2008/10/05


Not moving forward, we are back to our old site layout due to some technical problems. All downloads are still available free but the forum is offline. Things should be back to normal soon.

Keep calling back. Cheers.

Friday : 2008/09/19


Things are moving forward, and not only are we a step closer to our expansion we mentioned last time, but we have taken steps to see about making a "DOWNLOADS T.V."

If all goes well, we could well have a monthly (to start with) show which unlike our radio show, will be up all the time.

Current shows will be on this site, with all show being on our youtube channel. Stay tuned for more information. Enjoy !

Monday : 2008/04/14


Good news! We are going to expand our storage capacity soon, which will enable all of the things sent to us, to be put up for download.

Also coming: Forums and new submissions.

Sunday : 2008/04/02


We have some new uploads ready, and will be uploading many
new pages. At the moment, we have nearly run out of space.
So we are getting more, since our current downloads space,
is shared. Soon, we'll have a gig or so. Which means many more
uploads, for you, for FREE !

Sunday : 2008/02/03

What Happens Next ?

Well here we are in a new year, and Downloads is still going. Although our last show is still online for people to listen to, we won't be starting it up again. We are working on a Downloads TV, which will be hosted with the help of Youtube.

If you have a video clip of you doing something in a game which is something you shouldn't be able to do, or just getting a great hi-score, then get in touch. All videos sent in will be concidered for Downloads TV.

To take the credit for your achivements, remember to include you name, platform used, the game, and what it is you are doing/done.

Contact details are contained in the last of the radio show, or by visiting our YouTube Directors page.

You might like some of the other things we have done as well :)

Thursday : 2008/01/10
Radio Plus


NEW Show

Although we haven't put out a new radio show for a few weeks, we have been working on a new concept.


We did a test broadcast some time back, any we have had many people getting in touch asking if we will ever follow up on it. Well, in a way we are. With the use of YouTube, we are working on putting out a short DOWNLOADS TV show, in which we will cover Games, Downloads and this site. And yeh. there might be some music as well. ;) Keep calling in to keep up to date.

First show of DOWNLOADS TV is due in 2008

Wednesday : 2007/12/19

Broadcast Show -0426- : Now ONLINE

3.5 Year Show

Music from: Ghost In The Shell, plus usual mix.

This is our late show for a while. So we hope you like it.
More info and updates soon. Keep calling back.

Wednesday : 2007/11/14

Broadcast Show -0425- : Now ONLINE

Next week is the 3.5 Year Show

Music from: "Devildriver" & "Diamond Head".

Due to copyright laws, Downloads Radio and all non-profit
shows & stations will be priced out. Instead of 6% of profit
being paid. Then a fix amount per track / per listener would
have to be paid. If this goes ahead, then most web radio will
have to stop, and even the groups themselves will loose out.

Wednesday : 2007/11/07

Broadcast Show -0424- : Now ONLINE


Music from: "Grand Magus" & "Eric McFadden".

Wednesday : 2007/10/31

Broadcast Show -0423- : Now ONLINE

Music from: "Vixen" & "EdGuy".

Wednesday : 2007/10/24

Broadcast Show -0422- : Now ONLINE

Music from: "Dinosaur Jr" & "Droid".

Wednesday : 2007/10/17

Broadcast Show -0421- : Now ONLINE

Music from: "Caliban" & "Megadeth".

New site info included.

Wednesday : 2007/10/10

Broadcast Show -0420- : Now ONLINE

Music from: "Rig'd Up n' Blown" & "Paradise Lost".

Not long to the three and a half year special, remember to mark all submissions for show 0426 if you want them included for our special.

Include as much information as possible, if you are sending game saves or other downloads for the site.

Wednesday : 2007/10/03

Broadcast Show -0419- : Now ONLINE

Music from: "Incorporated" & "Good Charlotte".

Wednesday : 2007/09/26

Broadcast Show -0418- : Now ONLINE

Music from: "N.I.N." & "Hellyeah".

Wednesday : 2007/09/19

Broadcast Show -0417- : Now ONLINE

Music from: "Dimmu Borgir" & "Simpsons ?".

Wednesday : 2007/09/12

Broadcast Show -0416- : Now ONLINE

Music from: "Good Charlotte" & "Imperia".


Nothing added this week to the site. But new saves coming.

Wednesday : 2007/09/05

Broadcast Show -0415- : Now ONLINE

Music from: "Garbage" & "Lake of Tears".


New items added, more to come.

Wednesday : 2007/08/29

Broadcast Show -0414- : Now ONLINE

Music from: "Aiden" & "Darkest Hour".


We are now working on the new items sent in to us, and
hope to have them on site soon. The site will also have
it's pages changed, as somethings will no longer be
covered, and new things will come to replace them.

Wednesday : 2007/08/22

Broadcast Show -0413- : Now ONLINE

Music from: "Crying Steel" & "Aiden".

Thanks to all who have sent things in, we have room for more.
We are concidering a forum soon, due to some request, all
info welcome, and thanks for all your help. :)

Wednesday : 2007/08/15

Broadcast Show -0412- : Now ONLINE

Music from: "N.I.N." & "Kotipelto".

We need more games saves, and things for the site.
All music, forums, web sites & I.R.C. rooms welcome.
It's FREE afterall ! :)

Wednesday : 2007/08/08

Broadcast Show -0411- : Now ONLINE

Music from: "WAR" & "Caliban".

Saves, forums, sites, music, all can be sent to us for up coming shows, and the site. All tracks played. :)

Wednesday : 2007/08/01

Broadcast Show -0410- : Now ONLINE

Music from: "Dark Tranquility" & "Green Day".

Keep sending in your game saves, but remember to include
as much information about the saves as possible, cheers. :)

Wednesday : 2007/07/25

Broadcast Show -0409- : Now ONLINE

Music from: "Amorphis" & "Velvet Revolver".

Keep sending in your game saves, but remember to include
as much information about the saves as possible, cheers. :)

Wednesday : 2007/07/18

Broadcast Show -0408- : Now ONLINE

Music from: "Ramones" & "Sevendust".

This weeks show, as always, contains your music, IRC rooms, web sites and forums. Along with news from the gaming world.

Wednesday : 2007/07/11

Broadcast Show -0407- : Now ONLINE

Music from: "Bullet for my Valentine" & "Peter Gabrial".

Thanks for the stuff, keep sending more, and we'll have it on site soon. Just remember to give us all the details when sending game saves. as we need to give that to our visitors.

Wednesday : 2007/07/04